Consumer Electronics

Our smart innovative solutions in smart building applications is accelerating to create a more sustainable future. We have experience with many industries, with electronic assemblies used in industrial motors, electrical motors, agricultural electronics, and focused electronic assemblies for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

We understand customers’ market requirements and their technical building blocks to help them power tomorrow’s smart building applications. Our engineering and manufacturing experts work alongside their team to design, develop and deliver tailored scalable solutions. Some of our areas of specialization include high-efficiency metering, building security and safety products, drives, and building control systems.

In an ever-increasing demand of clean energy our technical team is working with our customers for renewable energy systems, power electronics and complex electromechanical systems. we enable customers to accelerate energy generation products to access new markets, enhance performance, and realize project cost improvements – with industry-best reliability, quality and regulatory compliance.