Engineering Services

Hardware Development

Our design services team optimizes product design through the entire hardware platform development & embedded software using these core technologies.

  • Electronic design: Analog, digital, power
  • CAD of single and multilayer electronic boards
  • 8/16/32 bits microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • Display/Touch press technologies
  • Low power consumption
  • Connectivity, RF, antennas:
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LPWAN (Lora, Sigfox, …), Cellular, GNSS/GPS,
  • Field bus: CAN, LIN, RS485/422/232, I2C, SPI, USB, Ethernet
  • DFx Industrialization

New product Introduction

We support the product from design, to prototype, to New Product Introduction (NPI), to full scale manufacturing, and beyond. Our team understands the need to be flexible and responsive to our customers. Our appointed program management team as a single point of contact for the customer, making communication easy.

The objective is to establish robust mechanism for reliable and repeatable assembly and testing process aimed at placing the products on the market in rapid times, while meeting the quality, technical and competitive requirements in terms of cost.
The process includes the analysis of product specifications through the use of design verification methods such as:

  • Zero Design Defect (ZDD)
  • Manufacturing Rules Checks (MRC)
  • Reliability Stress Screening (RSS)

In order to eliminate defects in electronic products in the initial stage and validating the assembly and testing process.

Steps implemented to make our customers NPI accelerate and guaranteed realisation.

  • Purchasing campaign through fast delivery channels
  • SMT/THT assembly through fully dedicated prototyping machines and teams
  • NPI report
  • FAI report
  • Zero Design Defect (ZDD)
  • Manufacturing Rules Checks (MRC)
  • Reliability Stress Screening (RSS)

Design for Test

  • Quick design verification
  • Improvement of test coverage, reduction of false test failures
  • Reduction of testing times
  • Improvement of reliability of tests

Design for Manufacturing

  • Validation of the offline process
  • Prevention of manufacturing problems in the PCB
  • Prevention of assembly problems of PCA
  • Improvement of product reliability
  • Reduction of overall costs

Firmware Development

  • Drivers
  • Bootloader
  • BSP
  • SDK
  • Bare metal or OS based design: Scheduler with small memory footprint, RTOS, NuttX, Linux
  • Software optimization: CAN, LIN, RS485/422/232, I2C, SPI, USB, Ethernet
  • System and data security

Program Management

A project manager and a sales engineer are your dedicated contacts and are there to jointly manage your project from your product’s development through to its production. By coordinating a multidisciplinary team of technical and logistical experts, we guarantee you optimised project support.

With their industrial and commercial experience, our experts are at your service to:

  • understand your needs.
  • meet your quality requirements, cost and time objectives propose
  • solutions to maximise production output with an optimised industrial product

They organize customer projects both locally and globally, ensuring efficient communication, timely response and total customer satisfaction.

RREL has state of art machinery with lean manufacturing process and world class quality management system. Get in touch to know more.