Medical Devices

Safety and Security solutions have evolved at a brisk pace and they will continue to shape the way we live, work and interact with our surroundings and each other. The rise in occurrences of new security threats calls for increased surveillance, monitoring, protection, detection and access controls.

The advent of physical changes to our environment, computing advancement, cloud technology and smart architecture has driven increased demand for information immediacy, 24/7 monitoring and detection and machine to machine communication.

We are all set to meet pent up demand and bring in the best innovation for surveillance systems including cameras and sensors, secured access controls, threat detections and their communication with home and office automation.

Because of the increasing demand for home-based hospitalisation and decentralisation of care, the medical industry sees a growing need for connected electronic products to serve the new uses of connected healthcare. With our investment in diagnostic tools, medical imaging devices or monitoring solutions, our teams are at your disposal to study your needs. including those involved in the design of medical electronics products from next-generation imaging, diagnostics, implantable, and other medical consumer electronic products. With wealthy manufacturing experiences and turnkey solutions for the medical market, RREL plays a role in prototyping, NPI, MP, LV/HM, JDM, cost and production optimization services.

Global cost pressures in the healthcare ecosystem are forcing companies to constantly innovate. RREL partners with customers to drive advancements in medical technologies by leveraging its cross-industry expertise and Sketch to Scale Solution. Already having major compliances completed we are in the closing stages ISO13485:2016 specifies a comprehensive and demanding quality management system for the manufacture of medical devices, guaranteeing that we meet the necessary regulatory requirements for medical PCB assembly.

We work with your quality and regulatory groups to apply processes and pre-launch rigour that reduces approval time speeds time-to-market and avoids post-launch issues. We have the world’s best-in-class, internationally recognized QMS standards. Our employees are diligent and unyielding about maintaining these standards – giving you peace of mind during these challenging times.