Post Production Services

Even though RREL focuses on returns avoidance, we have managed to keep our repair services abreast and updated by offering the service for our customers. We are dressed to provide these customers with a wide range of aftermarket warranty and non-warranty services including repair, replacement, and refurbishment. Our information systems integrate seamlessly with customer systems to ensure real-time repair status visibility, as well as help, manage the availability of spares and subassemblies.

We can adapt to the highest level of extended service as required to suit the customer’s needs. Our solid track record in providing integrated after-market services helps our customers achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO), to identify opportunities to improve the next generation of products and to reduce returns.

Our customers utilize our strong after-sale support capability for in and out of warranty repairs, as well as product upgrades and product life extensions. We currently support both PCBA and full systems repairs and upgrades. As the outsourcing thesis has grown many customers now recognize that these services are better served in an outsource model than remaining in-sourced. Repair centre turnaround time can be customized to address your end customer retention requirements.

Our e-waste recycling program ensures products are disposed of in accordance with applicable disposal laws. Finally, integration with RREL production facilities allows our repair operations to leverage engineering expertise, internal systems and industry-specific quality certifications, yet provide highly customized repair depot support.

It is utmost important for us to take care of our customers and appliances purchased by them. We are always listening to your queries post delivery, warranty services and Annual maintenance. Please get in touch with us for more information.